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The Indra mala is made up of all mukhis from 1 till 21 mukhi and Trijuti Rudraksha. It is a rare possession and only few fortunate persons in the world possess this combination. Ancient texts say that possessing this mala is like having entire Universe with you. This is also called as Indrakshi and is the most powerful combination to attain success in all spheres of life. Simply a Mala having 1 to 21 Mukhi Rudrakshas is known as Indra Mala.For the successful acheivers and people who want to reach the top level, wearing of all the 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi Rudrakshas is considered most auspicious by the great epics. By wearing this mala a person may get everything what he can dream for success in life. We have both Indra Mala in Gold and Silver.If someone is embarking on a new venture or wishes to protect his/ her achievements and possessions then this mala can be used as a very powerful tool to give all-round success. We offers Indra Mala as and when rarest beads like 20, 21 & Trijuti are available. Each bead is carefully selected and they are among the best in there class in terms of size and clearity. After the pooja and abhishek the mala can be kept at the pooja place (altar) and can be worn while doing pooja, prayer or meditation. The divine blessings of the Gods through the mala and its powerful vibrations will offer cosmic levels of energy to give peace, tranquility and complete success in their materialistic objectives.Gold or Silver or Navratna or other gems can also be used to make it more attractive. The mala is usually customized to suit individual choices.

Following are specific properties of various available beads of Rudrakshas
Name of the Rudraksha

1 mukhi Shiva rudraksha enlightens the Super Consciousness.
2 mukhi Ardhanareshwar rudraksha blesses the wearer with unity.
3 mukhi Agni rudraksha frees the wearer from all sins.
4 mukhi Brahma rudraksha gives the power of creativity.
5 mukhi Kaalagni rudraksha gives health and peace.
6 mukhi Kartikeya rudraksha saves from any emotional trauma.
7 mukhi Mahalaxmi rudraksha blesses with wealth.
8 mukhi Ganesh rudraksha removes all obstacles and brings success.
9 mukhi Durga rudraksha protects like a shield and gives Bhoga & Moksha.
10 mukhi Vishnu rudraksha pacifies malefic effects of all the nine planets.
11 mukhi Hanuman rudraksha blesses with ‘Punya’ obtained after donating 100 cows.
12 mukhi Surya rudraksha gives brilliant radiance and strength of the Sun.
13 mukhi Kamdeva rudraksha gives hypnotic power of attraction (Vashikaran).
14 mukhi Deva Mani rudraksha awakens the sixth sense.
15 mukhi Pashupati rudraksha fulfills materialistic desires. It removes poverty and gives name & fame. Gives success in all work.
16 mukhi rudraksha is Mahamrityunjaya form of Lord Shiva. This rudraksha is form of Mahakal. The wearer becomes fearless. Wearer gets victory against the most fearsome of diseases and adverse circumstances.
17 mukhi rudraksha is form of Mata Katyani. Katyani Devi is sixth form of Goddess Durga. The wearer of this Rudraksha gets fruits of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Wearer lives with immense power and divine magnetism.
18 mukhi is form of Goddess earth. Wearer gets health, strength and intelligence. Wearer gets prosperity and freedom from diseases.
19 mukhi rudraksha is form of Lord Narayan the supreme of all Gods. Wearer never has lack of anything in life. Gives immense wealth, success in business, abundance in all spheres and good health.
20 mukhi rudraksha is Brahma Swarupa. It has energies of the nine planets, Eight Dikpals (Indra, Varun, Yama, Kuber, Agni, Vayu, Niriti and Ishan) and Tridevas (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh).
21 mukhi rudraksha is represented by Kuber. The wearer is blessed with immense properity and fulfillment of pleasures and materialistic desires.

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Additional information

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Indra Rudraksha Mala in Silver, Indra Mala in Gold

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