About Sarnam

The site www.sarnam.com is founded by the Vedic Scholar & Consultant Pt. A. Shastri Ji,in the year 2003.He tries to give all aspects of Hindu culture & mythology in brief, in this site, to enable Hindu worshippers , particularly those staying abroad, to fulfill their cultural & mythological desires & dreams. Having started online operations in year 2003,we are having strong web presence in providing consultancy services in field of Vedic Astrology,Palmistry,Planetory Gemology and Vedic Puja Services. Our Service & Product Range includes all Astrological Services, Certified Natural Gemstones,Rudraksha,Tantric,Yoga and Puja Items etc, to name a few.

We are also one of the leading Wholesaler of High Quality Natural Gemstones,Rudraksha and Puja Items.We focus on offering the best quality of Precious and Semi Precious Stones like- Diamonds ,Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Corals, Rainbow, Garnet, Smokey, Peridot, Citrine, Aquamarine,Tourmaline, Cemon, Blue Topaz, Alexandrite etc. We have full fledged jewellery manufacturing facility to custom made astrological jewelleries.We’ve over 8 years of experience to serving customers all over the world. We aim to facilitate customers world wide to locate superior quality gemstones, beads and pearls with ease and convenience. With the advent of this website we find yet another extension to our efforts.

  • General Mail & Enquiry: sarnaminsta@yahoo.co.in
  • Support Mail: netmaxsolutions@yahoo.co.in