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At the time of birth of an individual, the situation of the planets governs his education, livelihood, family, business, his fame, pride, dignity & many other factors responsible for sustainability of a human being. Ever since centuries, man had been believing in some invisible, supernatural for his own existence but has not concluded to a strong viewpoint to rely upon.

The impact of this force on human being is written in a cryptic and mute & mysterious language, which governs the aftermath’s of any individual existence on this earth. At times it is possible to decode the behavior of the human beings, through the problems encountered by the man and impact of these problems in the future. This planetary impact can be well understood controlled through (mantra, gems, puja, daan, snnan) theory. Ever-changing rules and truth of the life depicts the cycle of the life, death and reincarnation or rebirth but prior to death, we are associated with many disciplines like health, family, business and change in these factors has a direct influence in our life.

Our Vedic Astrology consultation covers the following areas of your life and you can choose to have specialist consultation in one or more areas. There are various available Astro-Remedies like Puja, Homam, Daan, Fast, Mantra, Yantra, Gemstones, Rudraksha etc.But among all Gemstones and Rudrakshas are very quick to respond. They have been worn for finding remedies to problems, averting negative influences of planets . The colors and vibrations or electromagnetic frequencies of specific gemstones correspond to the colors and vibrations of the planets and it is this correspondence that helps astrologers recommend them as remedies.

Rudraksha beads are also supposed to have electromagnetic properties that have a positive effect the human body. Research and experience tell us that different faces or Mukhis on different Beads have different electromagnetic qualities in different life supporting ways. The revered Shiv Puran extolls the virtue of Rudraksha in many ways. We deal in following areas of Astrology & Palmistry. Pl. send your Query

Past, Present and Future Life

Career & Jobs

Love & Relationships

Home Buying

Spiritual Life Path

Yearly Prediction

Business & Finances



Past Life Cycles

Remedial Measures

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Additional information

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Vedic Horroscope Formation, Yearly Prediction, Problem Reading, Life Report, Muhurtam, Kundli (Horroscope) Formation, Matchmaking, Palmistry

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