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Gaya is known for the spirituality and it is famous because people the Homage to their passed on Ancestors. This is a place where the last ceremony of a human being is done.Gaya is known for the Pind-Daan and Ramshila is one of the palce for Pind-Daan. Pind daan is known to be the way of Mukti. Mukti means Free from the Circle of Life and death.According to Ramayana the Last Funeral of King Dashratha was awaited as it can be performed only by his son Lord Rama and he was in Jungle. After Rama returned from the Jungle after 14 years he performed the last rituals o0f Dashratha with his wife Seeta.This is one of the place where they paid the homage.

Hindu religious ritual, many Hindus performed Pind Daan or Shradh at Gaya. Hindus observe the ancestral ritual of Pind Daan or Shradh,which they believe would help their dead ancestors attain salvation and to ward off restless spirits affecting their family members.Though the pind-daan can be performed almost any time of the year, people prefer to do it during Pitrapaksha, which is the period just before Navratri and generally falls in September.Shraadh is to the ritual performed by a Hindu to offer homage to one’s deceased ancestors (Pitri). It is believed that after the performance of the ritual, the soul of the dead relative is appeased and it attains Moksha (salvation).

As per Garud Puran Chapter 2 it is more a fear psychosis then scientific facts. In case we assume that this Pret Atman is traveling with the help of air then one can understand that air carrying this Pret Atman may pass through bad smell , or snakes, river or well ice age or snakes or scorpion or animals etc. Air may pass through heat , mountains etc. In Verse 15 of Chapter 2 there is one river known as Vaitarni River. This river is full of blood and bones and flesh of human beings or animals ,reptiles etc. This is full of fear psychosis . Nothing is left to your imagination which can not create fear. Importance is given to Brahmin or Cow or religious activities and service to King or husband . After 17 days on 18th day it reaches to Village no. 1. It takes rest and hears sermons of Yam Servants as per Garud Puran. It takes also food given by Son of Atman or well wisher of Atman or dead person.

Pind Dan
Pind-daan is considered to be a mandatory rite believed to bring salvation to the departed souls. an obligation of all devout Hindus.

Is it Important to do Pind Dan
Indeed as per Vedas no work can be performed or taken to the heights of success without the blessings of ancestors and Pind Dan is the only religious and spiritual way to help the restless deceased souls come to peace.

How I’ll benefit from Pind Dan
It is said that all obstacles in life are smoothened once you perform Pind Daan ritual for your parents or ancestors. There is sudden and quick positive changes observed in life. According to our clients they have observed improvement.

We require Name & Gotra of the Person along with Photo,if possible, for whom the Pind Daan is ordered,his/her Date of Birth,Date of Death,How he/she died i.e.Normal or Accidental,the relationship with you i.e.person who is ordering the Pind Daan and weather Cow Donation is also needed?

The Pind Daan Event will be photographed and photos will be sent along with other items.Following fees is all inclusive of every thing,i.e.Pind Daan,Dakshina,Materials used,Photography,Shipping etc.

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